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By the community,

for the community.

Committee Members:

Name: Liz Townsend







Occupation: Children and Family Worker at St. Mark’s Church

Role/s on the committee: Chair of committee (2019), Secretary (2020), In my role I work with Children and Families within this community

A bit about yourself: I am so blessed and thankful for my family - 3 grown up daughters and 5 grandkids - but not everyone has this joy - being part of something that is bigger than just yourself. It is healthy in both good times and bad. During good times you can celebrate together and during dark times offer or be offered support. This is why I believe in community and why i would love for everyone to feel part of our community.

Why is TCC important to you? It is an outworking of my belief in the value of community

Name: Kirsty Cranefield







Occupation:  Administration and Marketing Assistant (previously a Primary School Teacher)

Role/s on the committee: Event Co-odinator, representative for local residents, Secretary (2016-2018), Chair (2020)

A bit about yourself: I am happily married with 2 amazing children who attend the local school. I love spending time with my family, doing things for charity and enjoy living in such a lovely area with so much on our doorstep.

Why is TCC important to you? A sense of community is too easily lost in the modern day and age of hectic schedules and busy lifestyles. We can too often be so focused and absorbed in keeping on top of everything that we can forget neighbours and what we are fortunate to have in our locality.                                                         TCC is a way to remind people of the wonderful community we have at Tattenham Corner and to bring people together to share skills, knowledge and to celebrate the lovely area in which we are lucky to live, If TCC can help people have pride in our community then our community will grow in strength and unity.



Name: Des Williamson







Occupation: I am the Church of England Vicar and also the Methodist Minister at the United Church of St Mark's on Great Tattenhams - we are better know as St Mark's, the place where the Community Cinema and Indoor Market and Messy Church and Messy Munchkins happen. Many people know the Church because of the many activity groups that run in the hall or because they have been to a birthday party there. I am also the Area dean for the Church of England which means I look after the clergy of the 15 or so Anglican churches in this area.

Role on the committee: I am currently the treasurer (2016-to date) until some kind person takes on the role. - All enquiries welcome! I also help 'persuade' local businesses and people to be involved in building community through the TCC events.

A bit about yourself: I am from N Ireland originally (I won't be offended if you ask me to say something again in English). I am married to a redheaded English woman and we have 4 grown up children. I am a keen badminton player and qualified coach. I am passionate about community and I enjoy hearing about people's lives. Despite being a vicar I am very easy to talk to and I am very proud that St Mark's has a very wide range of people with just about evry view possible; from atheists to firm believers, from conservatives to liberals, from very 'succesful' to those who struggle through life. PS - I suffer from depression so mental health is an area close to my heart.

Why is TCC important to you? ?  For many of the reasons above - it is about people coming together despite their differences to make Tattenhams a better place for everyone.

Name: Maria Hewson







Occupation:  Community Development Worker, Preston Estate Tadworth.

Role on the committee: Secretary (2019). As the Community Development Worker for the local area, my role is to work with all members of the community to achieve positive outcomes. This includes supporting local community events.

A bit about yourself: My role is to work with all members of our community to identify what’s good about living in the area …and there is a lot! Identify any gaps in services and what changes residents would like,  to make it an even better place to live. Together we can work to put those changes in place. I’m really looking forward to meeting more people and working with you.

Why is TCC important to you? TCC is a great example of community members coming together to relax, have fun and celebrate the local area and all it has to offer.

Photo of  Maria photo of Kirsty photo of Liz photo of Des

Name: Ian Pattison






Occupation:  Business Owner of 'Pattison's' bakery and coffee shop

Role on the committee: Help and support our community and our committee

A bit about yourself: I have 2 beautiful daughters which both support Crystal Palace like me. I was previously a special constable for metropolitan police, played a lot of football (even at Wembley stadium) and I love working in our great community

Why is TCC important to you? I want give something back to all my loyal customers, and our community. I love to help organise events and help engage our local businesses, I want to help put Tattenham Corner back on the map. We are a great team and we will do anything we can to help support Tattenham Corner.


Name: Peter Hope






Occupation:  retired BT engineer

Role on the committee: Vice Chair (2020) and Representative from my local church, St Marks.

A bit about yourself:: I am married with one daughter and one lovely Granddaughter. I like working in the community and doing voluntary work and I enjoy clay pigeon shooting at Headley. I also belong to our local choir called Sing. I have lived most of my life at Tattenham Corner and seen a lots of changes there throughout the years.

Why is TCC important to you? There is a great sense of community spirit here and I hope to help it get better and better and keep the wonderful community informed of what is going on in our area. We have a lovely area at Tattenham Corner with a great parade of shops and a good rail connection to lots of places and of course the race course.



Peter Hope

Name: Lesley Sedgwick







Occupation:  Retired Head of Drama and Head of Sixth Form in Kingston on Thames

Role on the committee: Representative of Tattenhams Community Library

A bit about yourself: I have been married for 44 years and have a daughter who lives in Montreal, Canada with her husband. I spend a great deal of my free time in the garden, which Alan and I have transformed over the years.

Why is TCC important to you? To be honest, until I retired in 2012, I had not really considered Tattenhams as a community…it was just somewhere very lovely to live!

On retiring, I became involved in the Saving Tattenhams Library campaign and then writing a column on Tattenham Corner for the Surrey Mirror. Through that I have been drawn into a host of other local activities. It has been fascinating to see the great affection locals have for this area and this has made me eager to get involved to support Tattenham Corner Community.

Lesley Sedgwick photo

Also currently on the commitee is:


Lelsey Beard - Tattenhams Community Library